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A few recommendations are pasted here from LinkedIn, written by my colleagues.

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Ramy Zabarah, director of social media at Bustle Digital Group: 

Nick is as good as digital editors get. Outstandingly knowledgeable about every topic central to Inverse's coverage, his team always looks up to him as a more than capable leader. His charisma makes for a fun environment in the workplace, while maintaining a level of productivity and efficiency that has ensured Inverse's consistent success both within BDG and among its competitive set.

Inverse's explosive growth over the last few years can be attributed to Nick's intuitive approach to content and a dedication to maintaining a high standard of quality for everything the brand does. He's committed to factual accuracy, especially when it comes to science, and he holds journalistic integrity in extremely high regard.

When it comes to leading a team, few do it better than Nick. That, paired with his unimpeachable track record of growing audiences and converting eyeballs to revenue makes him one of the best managers, editors, and overall media professionals I've had the pleasure to work with.

Claire Cameron, Inverse managing editor:

I worked with Nick while he was editor-in-chief at Inverse. Working with Nick reinvigorated my passion for digital media and taught me to keep my eyes on the tiniest of details to see the greater picture.

Nick is a stellar editor — he can take copy you think is publication-ready and transform it into something that won't just be out on the worldwide web but will shine brightly out there, too. Nick knows how to amplify writers' and editors' innate skills and bring out the best in his colleagues by great example.

Nick is passionate about whatever he is working on and takes a dedicated approach toward coaching writers and editors to leap from idea to pitch to draft to a published, news-making story, no matter the topic. He is the kind of journalist who knows they will be judged by the last thing they touch, and he can stand behind it.​

Michael Cahill, former Senior Director, Audience and Commerce, Inverse

Nick is one of the best editorial leaders I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

It’s near impossible to manage the constant demands of growth on distributed platforms while never sacrificing your editorial standards and at the same time finding a way to elevate your content. Nick was one of the very few people who were able to pull it off. Inverse content got better under Nick’s watch, and the size of the audience grew along with it. He’s a master at implementing processes and working across teams.

In my role, I knew if I had a good idea that would benefit Inverse’s mission to reach new audiences and if the quality of the idea was in line with our editorial standards, then Nick would not only get behind it, but find a way to get it done quickly, and it would be well executed. I’d work with Nick again. I’d work for Nick. And if ever in the position, I’d gladly hire Nick to run any editorial team.

Jacob Kleinman, Inverse deputy editor: 

Nick built Inverse into a powerhouse digital media brand thanks to his devotion to ambitious journalism and his refusal to let the small things slide. You could always count on him to be just as passionate about our next big feature as he was about making sure every article adhered to Inverse and AP style.

As my manager for 3 years, he encouraged me to take big swings both as an editor and a writer. Some of my biggest accomplishments at Inverse — from writing articles I'm still proud of, to working with guest editor Roxane Gay on the 2021 Superhero Issue — wouldn't have happened without Nick's support and his endless supply of creative ideas.

Nick understands how to get traffic and run a website, but more importantly, he has a strong sense for what makes a good story and how to tell it.

Mike Brown, innovation journalist at Inverse: 

It was fantastic working for Nick. He had a clear, consistent vision for the publication, and it enabled him to help us grow as writers and perfect our story pitches. He had an impeccable attention to detail, which meant he was always willing to help us flesh out our ideas and provide clear guidance. He brought an infectious energy to meetings that encouraged everyone to take part. He helped both myself and others improve greatly as writers.

Jen Glennon, senior gaming editor at Inverse:

Nick has a rare knack for elevating an ordinary story into an extraordinary one. Nick encouraged and empowered me to do some of the best writing of my career at Inverse, and gave me the skills to help the writers in my section do the same.

As my manager for 2+ years, Nick spearheaded a remarkable period of audience growth for Inverse -- but that never came at the expense of editorial integrity and rigorous reporting. Nick's guidance and leadership has been instrumental in expanding industry recognition of Inverse's gaming coverage, taking us from a niche player to Game Awards judges in less than two years. Nick is a passionate evangelist for unconventional, quirky, and memorable storytelling on any subject.

He's a font of ideas on basically any topic you can imagine, but also encourages editors and writers to take ownership of big projects and opportunities for growth. I'm a far better editor and writer for having worked with Nick.

Corey Plante, associate gaming editor at Inverse: 

Nick and I worked together at Inverse from the summer of 2016 until 2021, with each of us advancing through the company and assuming several different roles throughout that half-decade. While I've never directly reported to him, we've worked collaboratively on a number of different pieces and projects. Nick is a passionate and friendly coworker who can thrive in a variety of environments.

As a direct editor, Nick has a sharp style and a keen eye for details that help to improve a piece, and he's always willing to spend one-on-one time with a writer to enhance their skills. Inverse covers a wide variety of topics, and he collaborated with section leads for years to help oversee coverage directly. The essence of a good journalist is a person who's willing to do the research to gain the expertise needed to disseminate information to the audience. In that, Nick is wildly successful.

As the Executive Editor and Editor in Chief of Inverse, Nick oversaw the company through an immense period of growth, including the touch of chaos that comes with being acquired by a bigger media company — which happened to Inverse a few short months before the pandemic began. Through it all, Inverse and BDG at large remain strong, and many of us have Nick's leadership to thank for that.

Isaac Feldberg, writer and editor at Inverse:

As editor-in-chief at Inverse, Nick managed the unenviable challenge of being everywhere at once with such a light, thoughtful touch that you never lacked visibility of his leadership yet felt empowered to pursue your own professional development and fully own your individual beats under him. At a company as multi-pronged and rapidly expanding as BDG, he always appeared to fit right in, offering keen insights and palpable enthusiasm in about equal measure during our meetings while remaining simultaneously focused on driving the big-picture vision for Inverse and vigilant about addressing the needs of individual employees. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Nick again — he's smart and capable, a skilled and charismatic communicator who invested sincerely in all his daily interactions at Inverse so as to better-serve as the brand's approachable, intelligent human face.​

John Wenz, science editor at Inverse:

Nick understands the world of journalism well: how to structure a story, reporting expectations, how to write the best lede and nut graf possible to draw readers in, how to package it, and more. He uses this knowledge to bring out the best in newsroom coverage. He has a vision for the work he does, whether it's an individual writer's stories, his own work, or the general way to shape a newsroom, leaning on his years of industry experience to deliver a consistent news environment.

Katie MacBride, health science staff writer at Inverse: 

Nick was a great editor-in-chief. He was endlessly supportive, eager to hear others' ideas, and hands-on while still giving writers the space to try new things and pursue stories they were passionate about.

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