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About me

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🎃 I've been a journalist professionally since October 31, 2005. I've worked in the Midwest, the Front Range of Colorado, and New York City.  


At 22, I started working at a daily newspaper in a hardscrabble Midwestern city, wearing holes in my budget dress shoes. I had the wet socks to prove it.


It was cops, contentious school boards, fires, parades, kidnappings, jail escapes, school graduations, festivals, human interest stories, local politics, and covering an ascendant Barack Obama. That was 2005-2008. 


📈 I spent the next seven years working at three alternative newsweeklies in St. Louis, Denver, and New York: The Riverfront Times in St. Louis, the Westword in Denver, and The Village Voice in New York. That was 2008-2015.


⌨️ The next six years saw me help shepherd Inverse, a digital media startup that covered technology, science, entertainment, and culture, from an apartment in Brooklyn to acquisition by BDG Media.


I helped scale traffic and shape the editorial vision and priorities, winning recognition with my colleagues for our website that punched above its weight. I led the site to 32 million unique visitors a month as editor-in-chief. That was 2015-2021.​


💼 I was recruited by the technology company Asana in the spring of 2022 to create a magazine about the future of work. The result was The Workback, which received external praise for its writing, reporting, and design. The entrance of a new CMO and a brand marketing reorganization and downsizing in June 2023 meant several projects and jobs were eliminated, including mine.


I'm currently part of the incredible team at Zapier as a Senior Editor, Product & Ecosystems, which means I edit articles about Zapier Partners, Zapier products, press releases, emails, and more.

🤝 My work style: I'm energized by working as part of a team, even as a manager. As an editor, I think I'm more diagnostic than hands-on—I prefer to coach and discuss rather than rewrite someone else's work if time allows.


As a writer, I prioritize clarity, original reporting, and engrossing ledes over anything else. Read more about me on my testimonials page


🚲 Outside of work:  I love to ride and work on bicycles. Off the bike, I like to listen to news podcasts, watch soccer, and read non-fiction books. I experience incredible highs and soul-crushing lows as a supporter of Arsenal Football Club.


I have cautiously restarted collecting records. I am the oldest of four children. I am raising our child with my wife in Brooklyn, New York.​

Last updated in December 2023

Nick Lucchesi

I'm always ready to share my editorial experience, skills, and strategies with groups, other reporters, students, marketing professionals, and more.

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