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Professional History

The bullet points

Blog Editor

  • Reimagining in-house editorial for an iconic digital brand.


Editor-in-Chief, Interesting Engineering

  • Building out an org chart, establishing beats, expanding coverage, copy editing. OKRs, KPIs, SEO, paywall prep, redesign planning, getting to know everyone's talents.

  • ​Creating an infrastructure for shared success in IE's editorial pursuits.


Editor-in-Chief, Inverse


  • Making Inverse a platform for various stories that make people a little more thoughtful about themselves, their world, and the entertainment they love.

  • Managing a team to bring in 20-25 million UVs to every month while keeping a singular brand identity.

  • Writing the Digiday-award-winning Inverse Daily newsletter Monday-Friday (20.2% UOR; 297k sends).

  • Connecting writers with sources, assigning contextual angles, creating 360-degree coverage plans.

  • Created Musk Reads+, a premium newsletter with original reporting for supporters, on Substack. It quickly drew 500 paying subscribers, creating $50k in annual revenue. 

  • Collaborating with section editors to shepherd through traffic-driving, meaningful, investigative features. 

  • Ideating various month-long series and countdowns that bring reliable, consistent readership over the term of the series.

  • Iterating on successful article constructions and coming up with new article frames to grow Inverse's authority in emerging beats.

  • Pushing forward our approach to newsletters, article construction, and content deployment.

  • Developing a culture of accountability where every writer knows what good looks like. 

  • Leading a team of 22 full- and part-time editorial employees, plus more than a dozen freelancers, to push the boundaries of what they can achieve.

  • Utilizing the most of a $250k freelance budget to put more stories in areas where we can touch a new audience. Also using it to take bigger swings on weird, remarkable, or innovative stories. 

  • Line-editing with writers and doing work that finds them an audience.

  • Developing pitches for and producing advertiser-sponsored special issues and content. Look at our 2021 Superhero issue, edited by genius you might not expect to take on such a project.

Executive Editor, Inverse


  • Reorganized newsroom processes and rebooted editorial workflows, priorities, and culture.

  • Worked to bring traffic from 8M UVs in Nov 2018 to a peak 32M in Nov. 2020.

  • Developed editorial brand with recognizable, singular identity.

  • Saw newsroom through acquisition by Bustle Digital Group and subsequent reorganization.

Deputy Editor, Inverse


  • Managed story assignments, scheduling, editing.

  • Worked on traffic goals for writers and established beats.

  • Contributed to larger projects as the newsroom mission evolved under a new executive editor.

  • Began a Musk Reads, newsletter about the news surrounding the polarizing figure. Moved to 2x week after early demand data. 

News Director, Inverse


  • Was the veteran in the newsroom at this startup at the age of 32. 

  • Taught early-career journalists interview skills and the power in not waiting for a source to call back.

  • Helped an unknown website get credit for major stories, like the discovery of water on Mars, from outlets such as the Houston Chronicle, through dogged reporting and an attention to detail.

  • Made Elon Musk's various pursuits a point of focus.

Senior Web Editor, Village Voice Media


  • Took on various editorial and management roles from Denver and later, New York, to manage goals and story execution across this chain of alternative weeklies. 

  • Assigned and edited stories, photo galleries, and video projects.

  • Regularly surpassed traffic goals.

  • Ran Village Voice Pazz & Jop poll in 2013 and 2014.

  • Wrote dozens of headlines a week.

  • Produced a film podcast, Voice Film Club. 

  • Researched ways to die in New York one week and they made it a cover story

Web Editor, Denver Westword


  • Assigned and edited stories, photo galleries, and video projects.

  • Regularly surpassed traffic goals.

  • Wrote across the paper.

  • Managed the website.

  • Produced the 2012 Denver Web Awards, cover story, poll, and 300-person ceremony

  • Hired and managed freelancers and journalism interns.

Web Editor, Riverfront Times, St. Louis


  • First web editor at this Midwestern alternative weekly. 

  • My first year was marked by creating video, photo galleries, and stories to accompany print content. 

  • Getting the stories of one writer linked on Drudge Report so much she asked me to stop. 

  • Assigned and edited stories, photo galleries, and video projects. 

  • Regularly surpassed traffic goals. Built out freelancer network for the web from nothing. 

Staff Writer, The Alton Telegraph, Alton, Ill.


  • Cops, contentious school boards, fires, parades, kidnappings, jail escapes, school graduations, festivals, human interest stories. And a sex scandal involving one cocaine-addicted lawyer/political powerbroker.

  • I wrote a story a day for three years, put 100,000 miles on my car, and wore out a few pairs of budget dress shoes.

  • My first job out of college. I did whatever they told me to do.

Webster University, 2005

Major: Journalism
Minor: Political Science

Bachelor's Degree

Work: CV
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